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7 Dec 2017
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Hello everyone, I'm Nisrina from Indonesia. I just join here so i need you all guidelines from now on and mostly i want to know how is living in Japan for foreigners, because i want to study in Japan so i would like to know how is the education system and living there..... So i will be very happy if there is any ideas how to get education there and how to live comfortably...... Thanks All :emoji_blush:

Mike Cash

15 Mar 2002
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Hi Everyone, I'm Moniex From African, Living in Vietnam for 3 years now, i just join here, so i will need some Guidelines from you friends, and mostly i want to know how is living in japan for foreigners there, my Fiance want me move down there to live, so i want to know how is job and living there, am Teaching English here in Vietnam and Am freelancer web developer and i also run E-commerce online store...So i will be happy is there any ideas how to get jobs how to live comfortable ....!!!! Thanks All

Don't insult my intelligence, please. You most certainly used it as a template for your own post. Or you both used some other post from somewhere else as a template.
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