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Nice places to live in Japan?


22 Oct 2002
I was just curious, as it may pretain to me later, what are the nicer places to live around Japan? I don't like big cities that much, and I prefer places that are hilly/mountainous with a high tree content. - which is similar to where I am from. Cultural sites are always a plus. I am asking because the JET application allows you to request a site to live in (no guarantee on actually getting it) and I would prefer to make a descision informed, if I make one at all. Or maybe even better: are there less desirable places to live? Also, what are the general weather patterns across Japan throughout the year?
Hm, the "hilliest" areas I remember from my limited journeys were in Northern Honshu (Aomori) and in particular Gifu Prefecture. If you're looking for outright mountains, there are of course the Japanese Alps (Nagano Pref).
Anyplace that you haven't heard of yet.

But I thought that the Jet's get sent according to the place of location of their application. Something to do with sister-cities and such. You might like Otsu in Shiga-ken, of course, Sapporo or Sendai are nice but on the big side.

Just request somewhere with a population count of 40,000 or less and you're really set. Don't ask for anything under 10,000 though, since you'd might end up living in a shack surrounded by mountains, old foggies and nothing else.
They don't really tip us in on how we are assigned. I have heard that sister city status comes into play sometimes, although I am from a very small town and I don't think we have a sister city in Japan. I can put in three preferences for region and prefecture and for urban/suburban/rural. I kind of hesitate to specify a place to live because I just get a feeling that I am missing out on what I could have had if I request something and then get it! I think I may just put regions down for preferences.
Regions might be good. What kind of climate are you looking for?

Sister city might still be a draw, since they might associate your closest sister city to your placement.

I'm from a town of 5,000 or so and about 40-50,000 cows. So, you've got nothing to be embarassed about.
I would prefer a place that is not so cold in the winter, so I am leaning farther to the south of Japan. What is Shikoku like?

I am from a town of about 3,000 and we are known for our winerys. No gas station. One little grocery store. Ten wine tasting rooms.

The middle school I went to (in a neighboring city) had a sister school in Wadayama, Japan and we did student exchanges between the two. I didn't participate in that though. I was a little too young to really be more interested that scared. Where is Wadayama and what is it like (if anyone knows)? I'll go look it up now, but please, if you have anything to add, go at it. ; )
@ wadayama
eh? I know a Wakayama which is south of Osaka.

Where are you from? Your town sounds like mine!

You might like Shikoku, Kyushu, Awaji Shima .... hmmm, ever thought of an island? But then again you might also like Otsu, which sits on the side of Lake Biwa which is just north of Kyoto.

Stay away from anything north of Tokyo since winter sets in and it's oh so boring. I lived in California for a bit so I love non-snowy winters. A bit sad since you don't get a white christmas but you can always watch tv to experience that.

My hometown is Dundee, Oregon. If you have actually heard of it, I would be amazed. Sometimes people who live in the area haven't even heard of it. I have never had a white Chirstmas, so it wouldn't be anything new for me. We were lucky to get just one snow day a year. Here in Idaho where I am going to school, we get a little more snow and it sticks around. It really gets on my nerves after the first few days. It just sits around and gets in the way...
hehe, then stay out of snow country. You wouldn't like landing on your butt after a nice banana slip trick.
Yeah, I guess I'll stick to the south. I prefer snow to be more of a rarity, then it's a much bigger deal when you do get it! Of course then you get people who have no idea how to drive in the snow and all kinds of accidents, but it does make everything more exciting!
Shizuoka prefecture has decent weather, little snow, views of Mt. Fuji and it is close to Tokyo and Nagoya. I love it here
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