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Iron Chef

Rest in Peace
26 Feb 2003
Well, since we seem to have some NBA fans I thought I would start up a hockey thread. Sure, I love B-ball as much as the next guy but... hockey is in my veins through and through! Anyone else play or enjoy watching hockey? It's a great sport if you can appreciate the subtleties of it all and take the time to learn a few simple rules about the game (icing, offsides, etc.).

*Has the distinct feeling this will be a lonely thread...*

GO WINGS (off to a mediocre start but it's still early...)!!!
i used to watch alot of hockey but have kinda fallen off in the past years. i actually find it to be the most watchable sport compared to the NBA, NFL and the MLB.
This is what I have been waiting for!!!, actually I was going to start a thread of my own on this topic as well. Ever since I was a child I was brought up on hockey. Your going to hate this Iron, but I am a rabid Vancouver Canucks Fan... the best team in hockey right now (and the most exciting) Oh by the way, they demolished the wings last night, 5 to 1. It was an undressing. I've played hockey since I was a young child and even though I play more rugby now, Hockey is still the only proffessional sport that I enjoy watching.
Heh, I'll give you that last game Noyhauser but like I said... the season is still way too early to be making predictions with only a dozen games played so far. Overall, the Wings have been pretty consistent and I have been watching them since the mid-90's or so. Last year's playoffs were a semi-dissapointment losing to the Ducks like we did and subsequently losing Fedorov not soon after. Hopefully this year will be a good one for the fans. Colorado's lineup just seems to be getting stronger with each and every trade and now that they have one of my favorite pairups with Selanne and Kariya (injured atm) on their roster, look for some stiff competition in the Northwest.
I am a vancouver fan. Yah colorado is a stacked team, however they have a weakness, goaltending.

The wings are about as strong as they normally are, until they get hatcher back. Its nice to see Stevey Y, doing so well after being injured.
I am from Chicago originally. Go BlackHawks!!!
Spent time in St. Louis. Go Blues!!!
Now I am in Detroit. Go Wings!!!

I am sooo confused *sniffle*
Canucks have the best record in the last year and a half in the league, and it doest seem to be stopping them.
Samurai: Yeah, I hear ya. It's funny how things turn out because when I was in St. Louis, the three most popular players they had at the time(Hull, Shanahan, and Cujo) now all play for the Wings. And of course, we also picked up Chelios from the Hawks who I used to loathe (until he started playing for us). :cool:

I agree. With Roy gone, Colorado has some pretty big shoes left to fill in net.

Records only get you so far though (a seed in the playoffs). The "real" season doesn't begin until you start the first round of the playoffs. How did your Knucks do last year? 8-p
Originally posted by Iron Chef
Chelios from the Hawks who I used to loathe

How did your Knucks do last year? 8-p

I still dont like that guy, I dont know why.

And at least the "Knucks" didnt lose in 4 to the ducks ;)
and how far did your precious detroit go? Oh thats right you got knocked out in the first round! We came back from 3 to 1 down in our first series against St Louis (a waay higher ranked team than Anaheim)
At least we got to the second round then got bored to death against the minnasota wild.

And we got the most excting team in hockey. BURTUZZI and NASLUND rock !!Its blatantly obvious that detroit is over the hill any ways (MUUAHAHAHA).
Oh please... you make it sound like i'm talking smack about your team so don't get so defensive. Anaheim deserved to win the cup imho last year considering how phenomenal their playoff stretch was and I have never said anything contrary to the point. I love the Wings, always have, but I don't limit my favorites to one team or group of players and I DON'T go around making claims like "best team in hockey", "most exciting team" blah blah etc. etc. when the season just started while disparaging someone else's team like your "Detroit is over the hill" comment. If I want to listen to that kind of rhetoric I can surf the Yahoo boards... I just wanted to start an NHL thread for fans of the game to talk about the game. Didn't think it would deterioate so quickly into a "My team roxxors, we ownz joo!" mentality... Do you see me trash-talking in any of my posts?

Some of my favorite players aren't even on the Wings roster because as a fan of the game I love the sport in its entirety. I can appreciate a team regardless of what jersey they wear when they can take it to another level. The end result is usually good, competitive play when teamwork comes to the forefront and both offense and defense are firing on all cylinders. Any team that can do that imho on a consistent basis is the "best and most exciting team in hockey" regardless of what colors they wear.
I didn窶冲 mean to offend you, Iron Chef, though I don窶冲 think your comment was directed at me anyway.

noyhauser your comment about Minnesota is completely off. That was one of the most exciting series in the entire playoffs. The wild scored 7 goals in one game, I would hardly call that boring.

About which team deserved to win. Though I think the Ducks greatly improved, the problem I have is that I didn窶冲 really feel the whole team developed that much. To me it felt like they did improve, but it was really because of the super star performance of Giguerethat that they made it as far as they did..

That being said I think either the Senators or the Wild should have one it. And however much I hate "the trap" NJ deserves to win because of continued hard work and strategy.
I agree about Giguerre. I haven't seen a guy mind net like that since... well, I can't even remember. Just seemed like there were no chinks in his armor whatsoever but alas I suspect you are right about the rest of his mates unable to pick up the slack when it came to crunch time. The Wild really came on strong last year and I think they proved to everyone that they are for real. Impressive that they have built up such a strong nucleus in so short a time and with re-signing Gaborik i'm sure they can only continue to improve. The Northwest will be interesting to watch this year three solid teams all vying for top honors.
Its hockey Iron, all threads about hockey inevitably go to trashing.. I go to school near toronto and my favorate team is the Vancouver Canucks... talk about recieving disparaging remarks. And don't wash your hands so quickly about the trashtalking, you asked me about how my "knucks" did last year with a emotacon. I just took queues off about where this thread was going.

Secondly, the canucks are acknowledged as the most exciting team in hockey, and if not the best team. Its is virtually the only team that doesn't play one of the three trap styles (especially the dreaded 1-2-2 that minny and New Jersey plays) instead going for a defensive lock system, Its defence is used as a potent offence and its has full of just offensive talent.That means there is waay more scoring in a vancouver game. Jason King our rookie already has 6 goals, and we had two 100 point scorers last year, Burtuzzi and Naslund. You are right its early in the season, but its been 15 games already, you can definately pick up some trends. Canucks had a 10 game win streak last year and a 14 game unbeaten streak. As to my comment about having the best record in the last year and a half, go and check it, its true. Thats not baseless statements, it is based on factual informations. Now for this season they started off with a 9 game unbeaten streak and have 10 wins... I'm sorry but I think the canucks are the best team in hockey at this point, and looking at the statistics I may well be right.
If you are talking about the game 6 collapse of the Canucks, the nucks didn't give a game of it. I think after going up 3-1 over minny they let their foot off the gas petal and did so after going up 4-1 in the second period of game 7. Most days Minny just traps all day, and once or twice a game takes advantage of a team's mistake and goes and scores a goal. Thats the way the trap works, wait till they make a mistake and capitalize. And the trap is really hard on goalies, since they don't see much offence and then get a flurry of it. It makes for boring hockey, and the NHL sufffers because of it. Look at scoring this year... its waay down, and other than die hard supporters of hockey, the game is boring to watch. I guess I'm lucky because the canucks don't play that system and goes out to score as many goals as possible. Trapping teams (and Im singling out minny and New Jersey because they are the worst offenders, but almost all teams use varations of it) just make the game unpalatable to watch.
after not watching NHL for few years
last year I was suprised hearing that Canucks was playing so well,
they've had quite a few troubled seasons

I used to be a fan of the Canucks when I was in elementary school,
I started to watch NHL because my friend likes hockey,
I had seen the Canucks struggling during those years
I remember seeing them getting badly beaten by the Avalanache..
I see I have a lot to catch up on. I just seen my first game of the year this last week. Almost none of the second part of last years season. The Red Wings are my team of choice for as long as I can remember. Watched them from the late 80's till now. I'm having trouble getting games over here to watch. I love the sport so I'll watch all teams.

All this talk about hockey. I think I'll go find some players and start a game.

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