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24 Jun 2003
I just went over to the book store the other day and for only 440 yen picked up a couple of textbooks for NHK's 2004 study courses.

These courses are actually geared towards Japanese high school students, but I think they are a great way for Japanese language students to study Japanese while at the same time learning about a subject of their choice. I chose the courses on world history and Japanese history as they seemed most interesting to me, but they have a lot of other subjects available.

These courses seem like a great way for someone like me (studying for level 1 of the JLPT) to study. The units are two pages of written text each week, plus you watch a thirty minute lecture for each unit on TV. Thus you get to practice your listening as well as Kanji and reading.

I find that most textbooks geared specifically towards language learners are way too boring. Studying this way seems a much better way to keep your motivation up. The course lasts for one year, and the price can't be beat.

If anyone else is interested, the courses start next month so you better get to the book store quick!
It depends on what subject you want to take. The world history one is broadcast on Monday afternoons at 3:30 and then again late night on wednesday at 1:30AM. The Japanese history one is broadcast at 3:30 on Tuesday afternoons and at 1:30AM on Thursday night.

The beauty thing is that if those times don't fit your schedule you can just tape them and watch them whenever you like. Thats what I'll be doing with the Japanese history course.
sounds good, but a little too difficult for me I think .... but I've been going to book stores and picking up childrens study books and it's a fun way to learn! :p
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