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Next Gen Consoles

25 Nov 2004
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Hey all!
I was wondering if anyone has heard anythign about the ps3, the nintendo "revolution", or the xbox 2(or 360)
i have heard 2 names for the new xb(xb 2 and xb 360)
i have also heard that it will come in 2 models(w/harddrive and without)
on the ps3...i am not sure...i havent heard anything
and on the nr i have heard it will be spherical....like a gamesphere?? what? well...
its nintendo...
c ya


25 Aug 2004
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well, Hironobu Sakaguchi(the maker of the FF-series) started a new company called Mistwalker and will make two games for the Xbox2, Nobou Uematsu will also be part of the Mistwalker team. The team will take care of story, characters, music etc. while Microsoft Game Studios will stand for the rest (programming and alike I guess). This might workout, I still hope that Hironobu Sakaguchi will make some games to the PS3 since I probably won't buy a Xbox2. :eek:
The team that made Tron 2.0 will also make a game for the Xbox, it seems to be a horrorgame and is called Condemned.

What I know about the Cell-chip, that has been made for the PS3, is that it runs at about 4 GHz, thats about 5times more than the PS2. 👍

For Nintendos Revolution they will have a spherecontroller that you put your hands into and then play, the inside of the sphere is supposed to have a flan-like-substance.
Just joking 😊, I hav'nt heard anything about the new nintendo console, just didn't want it to feel lonley 😌


10 Oct 2004
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The only details we know about the consoles so far is that the Xbox 360 will use either 2 or 3 Power PC processors clocked at 3.0 GHz and will either have 256 or 512MB of RAM. That depends on how many CPUs it will use. If it's 2 then expect 512, if it's 3, expect 256. It also uses an ATI chip that has Pixel Shader 3.0 and is able to run the Unreal 3 engine. I also will come without a harddrive but will be able to be upgraded.

All we know about the other two is Revolution will take advantage of wireless connections and be backward compatable and PS3 will have Cell. A couple of months and we'll know all of the details.

What will be interesting if any of the consoles will use a Physics Processing Unit which is the next upgrade in gaming. PCs will be getting one shortly, but it's doubtful consoles will take advantage of this technology the coming generation.
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