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Newyork-Tokyo Music Festival on Memorial Day!


15 Mar 2002
hi all,

just got the word from my IRC buddies. they hooked me up with the site, NEW YORK TOKYO (NYT) | Fashion Services Agency - supposedly, the website is for an upcoming japanese music festival in New York City in May (Memorial Day Weekend). this is the chance i have been waiting for!

i'll definately be there, since i live closeby NYC. wooooooohooo~~~~~~~~~

i HOPE and PRAY that The Brilliant Green will be one of its featured artists!


steve caturan
[email protected]
Yeah, I read about this in an article by Steve McClure in the Japantimes Online.

He mentioned Towa Tei, Ken Ishii and Mondo Grosso as performers there. Should be great. I would go there even if The Brilliant Green weren't performing there. ;)

No, not in The Netherlands either.

Luckily, every now and then some Japanese artists do come to Europe. A few months ago I went to an eX-Girl concert. A few weeks later Towa Tei visited Amsterdam for a DJ-set (which i missed :().

Well, may 9 i will go to a Cornelius concert in Amsterdam. He will also perform in London that same week, so i recommend you to take a look, Tom. :)

And may 30 i will go to a concert of Mummy the Peepshow.

No big festivals, but if you stay informed you can get a healthy dose of JPop in your neighbourhood.

Hmm, this forum has a calendar. Perhaps it's a good idea to actually use it and pin down some dates of JPop-related events all around the world... If Thomas doesn't mind. :)

Sorry, Peter, I just stumbled across your msg; of course, I don't mind! Just post away! :)
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