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Newsgroups for Outlook Express?


3 Apr 2003

As of now, I finally got a new computer! My old one still carried Windows 95 .. but that wasn't the bad part ... it only had 1 GB of memory ! X_x But that's not my point ...

My friend has a newsgroup on Outlook Express ... but of course, I can't really read it because it's in Catonese .. I'm trying to find Japanese related newsgroups that run on Outlook Express. I've found a lot of them online but some are online things and some don't exsist? If anyone knows where I can find newsgroups for OE, let me knooww !!

Well, you can get a complete list of practically all newsgroups on Google Groups

Not all of these groups may be available to you, since that depends on the news-server you are using.

It doesn't really matter whether you use Outlook Express or some other program for reading newgroups. I'm using XNews myself, which is very great for handling binaries, but i haven't been able to get it to show Japanese characters.
Google's Groups is your best shot, really. Most ISPs feature poor newsgroup support ( on my new ISP, it rarely brings me new posts!). If you're into leeching from them, then it might be worthwhile to pay for a deluxe newsgroup service..
I'm checking these groups every now and then:

=> [news]fj.life.in-japan[/news]

=> [news]soc.culture.japan[/news]
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