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1 Sep 2003
I am keithd,from PRC,my hobby is comics,my fav is naruto,one piece and hunter x hunter ツ。ツュツ。ツュ
and i like adchiツ」ツィthe writer of H2 ,touchツ。ツュツ。ツュ,i don't know her name in japan😊 )
AHH,i forgot to type Hikaru No Goツ。ツュツ。ツュanother my favourate comics ツ。ツュツ。ツュ
I don't know if there are anyone can be moved to cry by the comicsツ。ツュツ。ツュI did .when hikaru shout :saiツ。ツュツ。ツュ
I can't hold my tearsツ。ツュツ。ツュ
Ni hao Keithd xiansheng!

Wo hen gaoxing renshi ni. Wo de mingze SKiNiToToRo. Ni hao ma?

Be nice to hear about life in PRC, are you near a major city or in the country?

That's about all the pinyin I can muster without my notes, enjoy the forum, I'm pretty new myself but it's cool here!

C ya, ^_^
glad to see you and your pinyinツ」ツャit is really great to see your pinyinツ。ツュツ。ツュfeel very comfortableツ。ツュツ。ツュ
I guess you like hikaru no go too,your avatar ^_^
a rule of hikaru no go
hikaru's senpeiツ。ツュツ。ツュ
sorry to say I don't know how to type the name of himツ。ツュツ。ツュ
well, glad to see your replyツ。ツュツ。ツュ
hi I am also Chinese

glad to see another Chinese here
I speak Cantonse

I like DragonBall,Slam Dunk,Ashita no Joe
glad to see a compatriot here

find a compatriot here is not an easy thingツ。ツュツ。ツュi am lucky
I like dbz,and slum dunk tooツ。ツュツ。ツュbut sorry to say I haven't read the manga Ashita no Joe ,maybe I have ,but I don't know the english name
you like comics?
recommend you naruto onepiece and hunterxhunterツ。ツュツ。ツュ
that 's my fav
forget to say I am in dalianツ。ツュツ。ツュ
Re: glad to see a compatriot here

Originally posted by keithd
find a compatriot here is not an easy thingツ。ツュツ。ツュi am lucky
I like dbz,and slum dunk tooツ。ツュツ。ツュbut sorry to say I haven't read the manga Ashita no Joe ,maybe I have ,but I don't know the english name
you like comics?
recommend you naruto onepiece and hunterxhunterツ。ツュツ。ツュ
that 's my fav
forget to say I am in dalianツ。ツュツ。ツュ

actually I am not a big fan of comics,but I like a few of them,
two others I like are Hareluya Boy and Doraemon.

Ashita no Joe (Tomorrow's Joe) is an old comic,
story about the orphan Joe Yabuki,who wanders on streets and just fights,a wild teenager,lots of things happened to him,he became a real man who would care about people around him,he was loved and cared by many people,and he became one of the top boxers of the world,it is a very meaningful comic.

I was born in Hong Kong,came to Vancouver when I was nine years old.
I don't watch soccer,but I've heard the Hong Kong and Dalian soccer team scored 2 goals against one of the top soccer teams in the world,the Real Madrid,well we lost 4 to 2 but I am excited about the Chinese team scored two goals:clap:
yeah,I have also watched that exciting match,though we lost it,
but we also perform great ツ。ツュツ。ツュ
you like soccer?which FC do you like best?I am a fan of inter milan ツ。ツュツ。ツュgo go BOBO
haha,no I don't like soccer,
I grew up in Canada,soccer isn't popular here,
I rarely play soccer,I have not played soccer for couple of years already,
so that could be one of the reasons why I am not a soccer fan like other Chinese people here.

the most popular sport here is ice hockey,and then basketball,
I like basketball,and then ice hockey~

I only watch soccer games like World Cup
to support China team,
last year I also supported Japanese team because I think they played very hard
your fave sport is basketball?
do you like Yao,the chinese player in houston rocket,NO 11,centerツ。ツュツ。ツュyou must know himツ。ツュツ。ツュ
I am a fan of iverson and tracy
I am a fan of Yao Ming

but I have been supporting Orlando Magic since the first day I started to watch NBA,that was about 9 years ago
Magic is my favourite team,my favourite player is Penny Hardaway,and then Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady
For example?
the most expensive ticket
and the cheapest ツ。ツュツ。ツュ
Wha! NBA tickets? Well, its been a heck of a long time since I went to a game (I'm from Seattle, and used to like the Sonics, but not since Shawn Kemp left the team for a life of cocaine and womanizing - he makes Jackie Chan look like a saint!)., but if I recall, even the cheap seats cost upwards of $25 now (not sure what that is in PRC money - sorry, I don't know what its called). For the expensive, courtside seats? We're talking hundreds of dollars now, I imagine. If I'm wrong, someone please correct me. The irony is, many of the players are minorities who grew up poor, and now most of the fans are rich and white.

Kind of a digression I know, since this is the Japan Forum, and not the NBA Forum, or the China Forum, or the Jackie Chan Sucks Forum, but I think its really interesting for an American to get the perspective of someone from the PRC, and vica-versa I hope!

On another subject, what're your feelings about baseball? My bedloved Mariners are slumping a bit right now, but since I've been living in Osaka, I've become a big Hanshin Tigers fan, and they are kicking huge butt! I also saw an advertisement on the subway tonight that there is going to be a big Asia baseball tournament (Olympic qualifiers maybe?) in Japan this winter, with teams participating from mainland China and Taiwan among others. Is baseball popular among Chinese, or becoming so?
I think baseball is never popular among mainland Chinese,
but it is popular among Taiwanese I think.

I started to like baseball since when I was 6 years old,
because I saw this Japanese anime about baseball,
but,to be honest,I don't really watch baseball games,
not exciting enough for me...lol,I prefer playing than watching

sports popular among Chinese:
ping pong (table tennis)
last but not least....Kung Fu..like you would see old people doing Tai Chi at the parks,and I think many Chinese guys have atleast tried to copy the moves of Bruce Lee when they were young..I've also done that..lol
baseball?I know it is very popular in japan,
I wonder if you have read the comics by adachi,
such as H2,and TOUCH ,they all talked about baseball
ツシテ療療禿板ーツ」ツィthe dream of each high school baseball player ツ。ツュツ。ツュ)
hi keith d!

sorry i have not said hello to a fellow chinese for long time but me been in HONG KONG on a hmm.. holiday and family visit! which was fun! well.. comics i guess as it was popular in HK and all my cousins seem to watch it all the time! i am a slight fan of INITAL D!! and here in tokyo i seem to see alot of GUNDAM WING stuff which is kind of cool! i have even considerd getting a gundam wing credit card!, well... most fav cartoons for me are DORAEMON!! watched it a couple of days ago actually in HK the music to it is soo.. cool! kelly chen sings the opening theme to it! me and my younger cousins used to sing along to it!, and when i was in england i used to watch DRAGONBALL Z!! alot!, well... sports... hmm.. soccer is fav sport of mine!! guess my soccer idol is SUN JI HAI, LI TIE and WANG PENG, great players!, hmm.. i feel as if i should write something in mandarin to see if my mandarin is up to scratch but this pc cannot! i can type cantonese though on this machine!, well.. keith how is life in dalilan??, this may be a stupid question to ask keith but which province is dalilan in??, well.. now in these forums we have a, taiwanese guy who seems to have a slight grudge against over chinese people!, we have some singapore, malaysian chinese!, we have american, canadian HK chinese!, me an british yue chinese! and now someone from PRC it is cool!! i wonder next maybe a chinese living in kenya or somewhere will appear! that would be even cooler! well.. have fun on these forums ok! 🙂
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