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3 Jan 2004
Hey everyone. I'm kind of... new, though I've been lurking for quite some time (before signing up, of course). My name's Alicia... and I'm currently 17 years old. oo;

I've been into Japan and all things Japanese ever since about 4th grade, but I only know a little bit of the language. I'm really into Jrock -- especially bands like X-Japan, Malice Mizer, Dir en grey, Duel Jewel, L'arc~en~Ciel, +D'espairs Ray+ (though they're a lot more gothic >>;...), EllDorado, Pierrot, Kagrra, and so on. I also love the soloists Miyavi and Gackt.

I respect Shinya (from Dir en grey) a great deal, though I wouldn't call it "idolizing," I just admire him and look up to him. He and I have a bit in common... for example, we're around the same height and weight, I love X-Japan, I don't much like talking (I'm usually very quiet, except with my -very- close [like "best friend"] friends... so I get teased because of it), I'm a very picky eater... and so on and so forth. oo;

Um... I really love to draw... and write fan mail... and I love animals... except spiders (Shelob [from "Return of the King" (I'm also a big LotR fan)] scared the bejeebus out of me when I saw the movie. I actually -screamed- and everyone looked at me weird. >>;...), but I could never bring myself to kill one. oo; I love, love, love my little kitty La'Shana. She's such a spoiled brat. >P

I can be pretty quiet. Actually, I'm usually very quiet. You can all thank the sugar I had this morning for providing me with the "will" to write and introduction that says more than "Hi, I'm Alicia." o_O;

Yaaaa, A Cat Lover !!!!!

Welcome and plese put some pictures of you & or your cat when you get used to the format. Happy New Year by the way !!


Greetings and welcome. Nice intro. I like your pics you posted in the other thread btw.
hiya alicia and welcome, im sure youll fit right in here, anyway have fun on the forum.
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