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22 Jan 2003
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Hi there,

I have joined this forum today.

I am Japanese, male, 25 years old. One of my hobbies is learning foreign languages with no particular purpose. 🙂
I have been learning English and Dutch as a 2nd language and a 3rd one respectively with enjoyment, but actually have no specific aim to learn them. :D

I will look forward to talk with you all and learn something from this forum.

Hey Tad,

Welcome aboard!!
Good to see you found your way to this forum.

Dutch mode:

Welkom op het forum. 🙂
Ik dacht al dat jij het was, toen ik je naam zag.


Peter (van de Everything Zen mailinglist).

a Japanese learning dutch, you won't see that every day.
anyway, welcome to this forum! 👏
...And his Dutch is better then the average Dutchman. I've seen him write. It's excellent.
Hello ben0a4 and Peter,

Thank you for your replies.

> a japanese learning dutch , you won't see that everyday.

Right now, I know of 224 Japanese people on a mailing list who learn your language. Leuk jou te ontmoeten !

> ...And his Dutch is better then the average Dutchman. I've
> seen him write. It's excellent.

Bedankt voor jouw compliment.😌
Blij om je ook op deze forum te zien.
Hi tobata, welcome and yoroshiku! 🙂

In view of their century-old contacts ("Deshima") it's no wonder that Japan and the Netherlands enjoy close (cultural) ties. Always makes me think of Huis Ten Bosch, lol.
Welcome welcome welcome! (boy i've said that a lot today!) ;)
hope you enjoy the forum!
Konnichiwa tobata-san!

Wekcome and Youkoso!
I'm a Japanese too, Yoroshiku!


hajimemashite tobata-san !

Ik heb ook een beetje nederlands aangeleerd, maar ik heb alle vergeten !

I hope I am not mixing it up with German again !

Anyway, welcome aboard !
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