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14 Aug 2003
oss i'm a newb. I'm Japanese-American, I can speak Japanese but i'm illiterate. I tried getting into the Japanese language program at my schoo, RIT, but the professor there wouldn't let me in because I "speak too well." But I explained to her that I can't read or write anything..."well that's you're problem" is basically what she said. Anyway, that's all. jya na. yoroshiku
hiya jspecdan and welcome, sounds like that japanese teacher is screwed up. i would've kept bugging her til she let me in or complained to someone higher about it especially since your paying to go there. maybe she just didnt want to get embarassed that a student could speak better than her? anyway enjoy the forum.
lol. she's in charge of the japanese program at my school. i couldn't go any higher.
ehh theres always somebody higher, you can get alot done if you talk to the right people. i had my school make a german 5 class so i could take it when there wasnt one before. they had to make up a new class code for it and everything. of course i had to get approval from the my german teacher, who was all for it, the principal and the head of the foreign language dept. i think im still the only one to have taken it, though its only been 2 years.
Greetings and welcome. Nice to have another car enthusiast onboard. Sweet engine in your sig there btw :cool:
in my university Japanese class, everybody who had extensive knowledge of Japanese, dropped out: 30 > 10 around midterms
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