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new user - x



well officially my user nick is xxx but on various other websites my nick is simpily - x

i admin a site called japan.box.sk


my interests are coding, linux, film, photography, postmodernism and Japan. been living here for in Tokyo for four years.

japanreference is a cool site though i dont like those bouncing white smiley things - LoL

anyway cool site here - hope we can all meet.
Hi x(xx),

welcome to the board!

These smilies (not all of them bounce) are actually quite popular. A bit of kawaii touch, hehe...

[Noticed? Not one smilie in this post]
Welcome and enjoy the stay.

The smilies are cute. Even if you don't like them they soon seem to blend into the background...lol

I think they set this forum apart, that and all the fabulous people here
😄 hehe I bounce
:D hey me too!
👏 woo, don't forget me

:eek: ooops we weren't supposed to show up in this thread


welcome and yoroshiku
Hajime mashite xxx🙂

nice to have you on board here,
how can you not 😍 these cute little smilies?? lolol
oh oh ... Debs is on the loose.

(about 10 more Debs is the last poster threads to go through :) )

first time I came to Japanreference I didnt like the bouncy things. However, since I have been here for quite some time now (couple of days) and have immersed myself in the culture, language and the lifestyle of the fabric that makes up Japanreference.com, I have come to the conclusion that there is only one thing that stands fast in my mind;

- i still dont like the bouncey things! hahah
Wow, I wasn't aware of the fact that japanreference.com is made up of special fabric, but I take that for a compliment. The bouncies are a question of taste, and your opinion is certainly respected.

Conclusio: I'll resort to an occasional "hehe" or "haha" instead of :) (also saves bandwidth).
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