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23 Jul 2003
Hey everybody! I am new to this site! Firgured I catch some attention.:p
I've been into Japanese Animation since 1990, but only started collecting since 1992 and it was only the comics/manga. In 1994, when I lived in New Hartford, NY, I started collecting the videos one by one. I found "Fist of the North Star" or Hokuto No Ken. Then I found Laughing Target, by Rumiko Takahashi & from that I learned about my all-time favorite Anime "Ranma ツス". Since then, it's been a big favorite amongst what friends I've got that are into it like I am.
If anybody wants to contact me, feel free to! Always looking for new friends that are fans, especially in the Eastern North Carolina area! :D
Drop me an e-mail OR whatever works for you! Peace everybody! 👍

Carpティ diem!
Greetings and welcome. Haven't seen it in some time but I remember renting the entire "Jojo's Magical/Bizarre Adventure" anime series at a vid store in Japan and it was pretty cool. Dunno if they ever released it here in the States but it was wicked cool at the time.
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