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27 May 2002

My name is Dana, 38, living in Copperas Cove, Texas. I currently serve in the US Army, now reaching my 18th year of service. I have a wonderful Japanese wife from Shibuya, Tokyo.

As for interests in Japan, my family-in-law is a given for starters :) I have had the opportunity to live in Japan from 1990-96, and again in 1998-2001. I was stationed in Camp Zama, just outside of Yokohama, in Kanagawa Prefecture. My job in the military is as a guitarist, in the US Army Band. So, I have had the opportunity while living in Japan to tour the entire country while living in Japan, including Hokkaido and Okinawa, numerous times. It was GREAT living there, being able to see the country.

I am interested in news headlines over there, now living in the states, I check out a couple of the Japanese newspapers online to see what is going on. I have an interest in the language too. I used Japanese regularly while living in Japan, but now since living in the states, I don't speak much at all... My wife and I use English all of the time. At home, we still eat many Japanese foods, etc. We make trips to different oriental stores around the area (which are mostly Korean owned), and make a road trip to Japan Town in San Fransisco a couple of times a year and "really stock up." I have a van, so you could imagine how many bags of stuff you could cram.

I don't have any immediate plans to visit Japan, but I hope to visit family in about a year.


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You gonna retire in 2 years or hang on for awhile?

Why SF and not LA?

LOLOL full of questions sorry! And If I haven't mentioned it yet, welcome aboard.

Army guitarist sounds cool, Dana!

Welcome again, nice to have you on board.
Dluxon Wel come to the Board I am from Killeen Texas hope you enjoy your stay on the bored :)
Greetings and welcome. Great intro btw, glad to have you onboard. Keep on rockin' for the USA!
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