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New to J-Rock, recommendations please?


2 Sep 2003
I play DDR a lot and found myself burning cd's of all the mixes. I've started downloading any Japanese artist I find on Direct Connect and SoulSeek. My favorites so far are...

Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Bump of Chicken
Mad Caspule Market
Hysteric Blue

I'm down with any style as long as its good music. Anybody got some additional recommendations?
I would recommend some bands but since your "stealing music" i'm not gonna list any.
I'm not quite so ethical...

Check out Melt Banana, they're amazing! And readily available on WinMX..

BTW Gaki,
I respect your opinion and all, but don't you think that mp3s can be a pretty good way of finding new artists who's music you'd want to pay for? Hypothetically, say Phi501 downloads a few Melt Banana tracks and finds he really likes them. He'll probably want to go out and buy some of their CDs, and maybe tell his friends about them. If he doesn't like them that much, or kinda likes them but not enough to want to get the album, then the band haven't lost anything. It's not like he's asking you to take the security tags off some albums at HMV.
He already said he was gonna burn Cds -_-;

Anyway i support my favorite bands, they took the time/effort/money to become a band ~ so i should at least buy their CD rather than "burn it".
Reading back over my last post, I think my reply was stronger than I meant it to sound. I really do respect your opinion on this, artists should be rewarded for their efforts. Burning CD's doesn't mean the guy wouldn't buy the bands music though, it's just a convenient way of listening to stuff. Nobody would rather have a crappy CDR than the proper album. I think people just need a chance to hear new music first.
if it's rock you're into - 2 words for you -



nuff said!
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