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New to forums and new to Japanese


13 Aug 2003
Well, I just want to say that I'm new to these forums and somewhat new to japanese, I'm 14 years old so I'm probably going to have trouble with the japanese language... and that's why I registered to this forum! Although most of you seem like adults -.- but its good, just makes my life easier! my names jono (short for Jonathan) and i have a few questions...

how would you pronounce words with the suffix = shite/shita or any other words like that? I'm having mainly with those type of words.

Konnichiwa TyPe-ZeRo-san! Hajimemashite! 🙂

The "i" in "shi" for those type words is kind of skipped over or not emphasized as much as the other syllables....is that what you are asking?

Some noun makes verb with shite/shita.

For example,
verb:dokusyo shite(read a book)/
dokusyo shita (read a book)
noun:tsugaku(going to school)
verb:tsugaku shite(go to schoo)/
tsugaku shita (went to school)
noun:sanpo (going for a walk)
verb:sanpo shite(go for a walk)/
sanpo shita (went for a walk)

sorry for short....
me too
i'm new to these forums and to japanese(2 months of studing)
and i'm 16
shita means ander,below OR it maybe a=the ta form suru:to do
Am I right?
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