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I believe i fell for that one...
Not that i knew any of the real answers anyway...
Lol, I was just sure about the Panama hats, everything else was guessing.
...*slow* i just now noticed this thread today, i was thinking hey a new quiz, then i realize its mine 😌 but i dun think i should be taking my own quiz... itd be like cheating or something :p
I take my own quizz to test there is no mistake in the answers (it happened once). That explains why I always scored 10.
...good point

well #3 should be horses and sheep, so either one would be a correct answer. i guess you cant have 2 correct answers for the same question? so anyone who picked horses your score should be 1 point higher. :sorry:
how did i know that was they were trick questions... furthermore, why did i pick the most obvious answers if i knew they were trick questions...? argh, i even knew an aeroplane's black box wasnt black, but i still picked black! 0/10. damn i suck.
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