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Have you got a link too where you got that picture from? ... it looks like a computer made prototype image too me.. ...looks pretty interesting in the white colour.

a link would be cool. ;)


[edit] after doing a google search. that is the best looking prototype! it actually looks really nice. I like the white alot.
hehe .. I'm looking up info on the PS3 and just found this website.. hehehe... what a powerhouse of a machine!!!! :D

prototype Playstation 3

-still looking it up-

Originally posted by Porl
hehe .. I'm looking up info on the PS3 and just found this website.. hehehe... what a powerhouse of a machine!!!! :D

-still looking it up-

Whoa! That's impressive! :D The rubber ducky is the coolest accessory ever! This is a seller, folks. :)
That looks really cool. Unfortunetly I cant read japanese (yet), but is that the playstation three? ..or is it just a multimedia type version of the playstation 2 with a harddrive? ..

I do like the design of the box alot. It looks really stylish. ;)

its a multimedia version of the ps2 with a harddrive

still i dont think its worth anywhere near a grand.
its like $300.00 -.- www.lik-sang.com i think has it yup i think they do -.- :)

"Sony: Oh sure. You whine, lazy American. What do you build for 500 American dollars? Ford Focus? Ha ha ha! "

Man, I love that hahahahahahahahha!
what? that site says $995.00 for the 250GB and $795.00 for the 160GB


aww, George beat me to the punch :p but still, Jono, where you see it for 3 bills? that for the Japanese version. Wonder when/if they are gonna release an American version.
I have a image here somewhere............. :(
but I heard that it'd come out in 2006 and it will cost ~400$
...... man, I can't find the pic.
o well
from a show, I heard that I could copy DVD-r 24 times faster than a computer 0_o!
And the picture has much stuff more. It has all the details...like the games, graphics the size etc.
bitmaps or .bmp file extensions are usually to big...you should save it in either .jpg or .gif format and you should be able to attach the image

Well, if I can get it again because my brother deleted it, I will search for it (if I have good grades in school, probably my dad will let me used CPU. If not ...then I say goodbye now cause I won't be here later) then I'll try my best............sephiroth rules :)
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