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New Options with vBulletin3


17 Jul 2002
You have probably already noticed a few changes and additional options, but let me introduce this in detail for you.

The top toolbar has new individual icon for "new posts" and "search", then "quick links" which will lead you directly to your profile, options, PM's, etc.

Profile Picture
Users can now add their private pictures in their profile in addition to their avatar.

Title and Rank
These are now separate. Titles are shown above and are customizable in the profile (if not, it will show "registered user"). Ranks depend on the user's number of posts. New ranks are now based on Japanese nobility titles (=>see anouncement). Team members don't have ranks anymore.

Also in the profile, you'll see a small colour icon (hopefully green) showing the user's reputation. You can approve or disapprove any users' posts by clicking on "Add to x's reputation" icon on the top-right in the user's profile in a thread. The colour indicate the reputation, black being the worst, red is negative, yellow is balanced, green is positive and bright green is highly positive.

New smilieshave been added. Click on "more" to see the list.

Threads and posts
You can now choose the display mode for threads : linear (as before), threaded (tree with replies to particular posts added in branches, so as to avoid offtopics) or hybrid (mix of both). Because of the new "threaded view", users are encouraged to click directly on "reply" (=quote) for the specific post their are replying to.

Private Messages
You can now add folders to your PM account, so as to keep it organised.

To send someone a PM, view their profile, add them to your buddy list, etc, just click on their user name.

I guess that's all for the moment.
Yes, anybody is allowed to have customed titles. Tell me if it doesn't work though...
well as far as i can tell i cant even change my avatar from the user cp, not to a custom one anyway, and cant find where to add a personal pic or edit the title.
i suppose i could do them through the moderator panel though that doesnt really help anyone else.

actually i tried that, the personal pic pixel limit is set at -1x-1 and theres no save changes button for the title. *shrug*
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That's strange, I could upload a picture and the size is set max 100x100p.

hmm maybe because youre an admin, moderators and registered users get this message:
"The uploaded image is too large. This user's permissions limits him/her to maximum dimensions of -1 by -1."
I changed a few things in the configuration. It should work for everyone now.
cool beans 👍 it all works

this has to be the funniest vb message::D
"You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Maciamo again."
I can get used to it since many of my commonly visited forums changed to this already. But honestly, I like the old layout type of design better.
I like some of the new design and some of the new functionalities.

Are Jref Foruns going to stay with this design, or will it revert to the previous design?
lineartube said:
Are Jref Foruns going to stay with this design, or will it revert to the previous design?

Oh it won't revert to vB2. But if you are talking about colours you can already use the previous design (for some reasons it doesn't appear in the option CP yet). Click on the links below to choose your design :

Beige (same as old forum)


Sakura (pink)

Tatami (green)

vB3 blue

Mac OS (white)

Futuristic Black

Default Grey-Orange

Just by clicking on these links should set them as your default style. Just reclick on another to change your preferences.

Please let me know how to improve these designs or if there are any other style/colours you'd like to have.
There must be some problem with the permissions/cookie settings/whatever because I can't change design.

Opss... I just saw another thread about this. I'll be waiting to see the other options. :)
could we get the kao :p smilie back please? that was my favorite one or you could make him ";p"
I'll check the cookie problem. Actually I also have a problem with the cookie. I have to relogin every 5min or so. What about you ?

Jeisan, you can access all the smilies by clicking on "more". There are lots of new ones too.

:samurai: :kaioken: :smash: :banghead: 🔫 :japanese: :nuts: :stan: 🥷 :homer: 😍 👏 :liplick:
I've got a new favorite: :winklove:

Don't know who I'm going to use it on, though... :p
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I Have A Vision Of......

Maciamo running up & down this long corridor with both walls covered with buttons, dials, blinking lights & switches; turning on-turning off-adjusting, 24 hours a day 7 days a week to fill our requests !!
Thanks for your Herculian effort!!


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