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Travel News New onsen theme park to open in Osaka

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14 Mar 2002
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A new hot spring theme park, the Solaniwa Onsen Osaka Bay Tower, is scheduled to open on February 26, 2019. The facility comprises 16,500 m2 and is housed in Osaka Bay Tower, a hotel formerly known as Osaka Resort City 200 (ORC 200). Its concept is similar to Oedo Monogatari Onsen in Odaiba, Tokyo, but on a larger scale.

The area in which the park is being set up is where an already hugely popular theme park is based. A world fair is set to take place there in 2025 which will bring more international attention to the Osaka Bay area.

The theme park is based on the wonders of the Azuchi-Momoyama era:

The overall concept of Solaniwa Onsen comes from Japan's Azuchi Momoyama era. Toyotomi Hideyoshi unified all of Japan from Osaka Castle. The short 30 years from 1573 to 1603 saw the people in the whole country go through prosperous times. The architecture of Azuchi Momoyama revolves around the Daimyo and merchants in Sengoku but also Osaka Castle. It is characterized by the majestic Tenshuokaku, as well as the luxurious decorations on the Azuchi Castle which are all very eye-catching. Toyotomi Hideyoshi's favourite colour was "gold" and it comes as the most characteristic of the Azuchi Momoyama era. Gold is everywhere. In the teahouse and tea sets, the armours, the feather weaving, the rubble, even the slippers are plated with gold. This is so to transport you in a luxurious and gorgeous era. Now, why don't you take a stroll in Osaka's "Golden Age" markets.



Facilities inside the new Solaniwa Onsen theme park in Osaka have been created to resemble buildings from the Azuchi-Momoyama period of Japanese history.


The front desk at Solaniwa Onsen theme park, at Osaka Bay Tower, in Osaka.


The outdoor bathing area at Solaniwa Onsen hot springs theme park in Osaka


The sake bar at Solaniwa Onsen.

Solaniwa's official website:

And the financiers behind this and other Osaka-based projects:

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6 Mar 2003
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Good to know. I had to look at the kanji to figure out what the heck Solaniwa means. Wonder why they are using the letter "L" instead of "R" for the romanization.

Definitely the kind of place my wife would want to go. We've been to the Odaiba place. Last trip we went to something similar in Urayasu, Chiba.
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