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27 Aug 2003
This is the most recent press release about the forum:

'E-Sangha' goes Online
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Leo Kah Leong E-Sangha - The Buddhist Community (65) 62573601 [email protected] . e-sangha.com .


Singapore -- E-Sangha, a Virtual Buddhist Community is now available online. E-Sangha is an established Discussion Forum where Buddhists and those who are interested in Buddhism are able to meet on the internet to discuss all matters relating to Buddhism. Registration on the members list is free.

For those who are not familiar with Buddhism, it is an ancient tradition, a spiritual path, which was discovered nearly two thousand six hundred years ago by the great sage, Buddha Shakyamuni. Due to the commitment and dedication of devout Buddhists, this gentle religion has grown in the present world un-marred by any political or religious fervours which so many other traditions have suffered from in the past.

Buddhism is a spiritually established path where one is able to learn about their true nature and come to a deep understanding of their inner self. This in turn brings inner peace for oneself. All said, real peace - be it personal, family or the world - ultimately begins with the individual.

E-Sangha Virtual Community provides forums for participation in discussions which includes all the main traditions such as Mahayana Buddhism, Vajrayana Buddhism and Theravada Buddhism. There is also a facility for general Buddhist discussion where members are able to engage in exchanging various aspects of Buddhism and learn how to reap the immense benefits of Buddhism into their daily lives.

Topics discussed at E-Sangha range from meditation techniques, problems encountered in meditation, history of different traditions within Buddhism, bringing Buddhism into the modern world, understanding the various aspects of Buddhism, aspects of a particular traditions and their respective Masters, practices and beliefs, Nirvana, issues relating to Re-Birth and Re-incarnation, and much more.

The site is based in Singapore, with members coming together from all around the world. E-Sangha's main objective is to provide those who are interested in learning more a meeting place where participants can learn through discussions, and come to a correct understanding of the various aspects involved in Buddhism. E-Sangha's intent is to keep the tradition alive and flourishing, and to help bring peace, harmony and happiness into everyones lives. One does not need to be a Buddhist to benefit from Buddhism, the benefits are available to everyone.

Registration is free for those who wish to become a member and join the discussions, or one can simply visit the site and browse the vast information and discussions. You can visit E-Sangha , the Virtual Buddhist Community, today at e-sangha.com .


Thank you

Thank you so much for the url, Satori.🙏 Interesting how you find the thing you need, when your not looking for it. Thank you, again. Hasu
hasu said:
Thank you so much for the url, Satori.🙏 Interesting how you find the thing you need, when your not looking for it. Thank you, again. Hasu

You're very welcome, Hasu!!
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