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New Mystery Nintendo System

Didn't they also mention this would not be a folluw up to the Gamecube? My guess it's a home-entertainment system based on the Gamecube similar to the PSX and the Panasonic version of the Gamecube.
it'll probably have online capabilities if it's a system... seeing as all the new ones do... it'd be cool if it was a system... where you could like, install games on it, but it was a console, and when you turned it on, it'd come up with like, a list of all the games you had installed, and whenever patches and stuff came out, it would automatically download it to your system... i can post a lot when it's about games... 😄
that'd be nice. but, unfortuanately, not all of the world has DSL+ lines installed, so if it were to automatically update, the world would eiher have public DSL installed on every pole, or Wireless Internet swamped the world. either oen is fine by me :)
Is this different to the handheld that they announced not too long ago? ..the dual screen, dual processor handheld.

Nowadays ppl trust sony's system more than nintendo's(think of the old days) and it is very sad:( b cos to hardcore gamers,its jus a matter of which system got more games like sony with the FFetc..
Well, i'm not sure if that's entirely true. Nintendo has always been strong with it's family-friendly policy. Games like Mario & Zelda have always pretty much carried any of their systems to profit, as those are unmatched by games on any other system.

While Sony does have a huge games catalogue, i think only 10 percent of those games are actually worth buying. This probably ends up about equally to the "good" games on the Nintendo systems.

When face with a choice it's just a matter of which key-games you prefer. If you want games like Gran Turismo or Final Fantasy, you go for the PS2. If you prefer Zelda or Mario, the Nintendo is for you.
But all the games are so tempting...,and i don't intend to waste my money to buy the consoles jus for a few games anyway
Originally posted by Twisted
...While Sony does have a huge games catalogue, i think only 10 percent of those games are actually worth buying. This probably ends up about equally to the "good" games on the Nintendo systems.

This is the reason I've never bought a PSone or PStwo.. it has some good games like Gran Tourismo and Silent Hill(s). But it just seems to have an over saturated game catalogue that dont seem to be going anywhere..just remakes of the game that was released just before it. I really like the style of nintendo and sega. They just seem to go with risks and make the wacky, innovative ideas...i really hope that Nintendo and Sega keep going for as long as im playing games so that we get some innovative games and dont get stuck in a rut of the same game being released all the time. I remember i used to be overwhelmed by all the great games being released for the megadrive, snes etc (the golden age of gaming i.m.h.o) and wanting to buy so many games for all the consoles. Now i struggle to find new games i actually want to buy..... anyway.....

long live nintendo and sega... ;)

[/end ramble]

i 've heard that the old nintendo is getting popluar again
is that happening where you people are
I know plenty of people that are getting into buying the older systems again for both nostalgia value (we can now afford the games we couldn't when we were younger ;)) and the consoles are pretty cheap at the minute.. Well, the more popular ones like the NES, Megadrive (genisis), Super Nintendo.

I've been looking around for info on the Gameboy Advance S.P. for my sister and they have bought out a NES coloured version. it looks really cool!! ;)

NES coloured Gameboy Advance S.P.

I love the older consoles...and i pick up any of the games i remember whenever i see them...im getting into finding Japanese Import Megadrive games at the minute. The cover artwork is so much better than the PAL European versions.

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