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Dog Youkai
15 Jan 2004
Seen the previews on it before Kill Bill Vol. 2.

Starring Jet Li, and Zhang Ziyi, Donnie yen, Chen Dao Ming, Tony Leung, & Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk.

The hit team of Gaddar - Sunny Deol and Anil Sharma is back with "The Hero". Like Gaddar, "The Hero" is an action packed movie. Along with Sunny Deol the cast includes Preity Zinta, Priyanka Chopra, Amrish Puri and Kabir Bedi.
Thanks to the abomination known as Miramax, great Chinese films have been mercilessly mutilated by chopping and dubbing, and released with huge delays on a small scale in the West. Zhang Yimou himself eventually realized his folly in giving Western release rights to the great butcher of Eastern cinema. I think it is only because Tarantino is putting his name on it and pushing it that Hero will eventually see the light of day in Western movie theaters.

Anyway, Hero promises to be a great film. I hope it is released soon here.

Official website: Herothemovie.com
Picture gallery: Bilder – Hero - Ying xiong (2002) – Movies – OutNow

Oh, good news: http://tarantino.webds.de/tarantino/news/2004/031604.htm
Damn good movie, almost like an art film...

You can buy the Japanese DVD now, plus it has English subtitles.

Can I make comments about the film or would that spoil it for others?
i got it in january, its great, the CGI is done by Industrial Light & Magic, George Lucas' CGI group...
I hate this movie parce qu'il est tres KISS-***!

The theme of the movie was about how many? Four? wishy-washy assassinators trying to kill a Chinese despot but couldn't do it because they realized that the despot, after all, was a great Emperor who unified China.

Since the assassination itself was a very dangerous task and the assissinators were lovers. Thus they were fighting about who should do the job so that their significant others could be safe.

Most conversations in the movie were like:
"I go. You don't go."
"No, I go. You don't go."
"No, I go!"
"No, I go!"

Why don't all of them just go to hell? I am glad they finally did but it took them a long time. Too long!

It was something like that... I fell asleep before the movie finished though. Besides, the director was trying too hard to show off his artistic skills instead of plotting, so it's easy to misterpret. (In a word, it's the director's fault if I misunderstood! Hee hee hee...) :p :p :p

For the movie itself, one scene is all white, another scene is all red, another one is all... (what color? Can't remember because I watched it last March.) Anyway, I find the artistic skills very pretentious. And my favorite actress, Maggie Cheung, looks so jaded in the movie. Actually, none of the actresses and actors looks good in it.

Is it a coincidence or Zhang Yimou is a very self-centered director who wants the audience to focus on his technique instead of the leading characters?

What makes it such an ***-kissing (not kicking) movie is because, okay, Qin Emperor (don't know his English name and don't have time to find out) had built the Great Wall and unified China and it was ancient history. Therefore I wouldn't spend time analyzing the Emperor's faults vs. credits.

But the director is using the rule of Qin Emperor as a metaphor to the Communist regime of China, saying that - although the Coummunist regime can be tyrannical but it's for the greater good of a unified China!

How pathetic!
Did you see it in Chinese?

I don't speak Chinese but the English translation sucked, I thought.

***-kissing? It could be, but I doubt the capitalist makers of this film enjoy the communist elite in China. (I'm guessing this film will be making most of it's money outside of China.)

As for the director's intentions, I don't think his goal was to make another matrix-like action film. No, I like what he did, despite its loose connections to real history.
I need to study Kanji.

Heh, I saw it in Cantonese with English subs.

I HATE Cantonese.

:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

The worse part is, I don't even have a good reason.
Dang, shows how far behind I am! LOL Anyways it looked pretty good so I will see it on the big screen, maybe they will redo somethings?
i thought it was well done. i dont see how you guys can hate contonese..you need to watch more martial art movies :D
Hehe, I watch a good bit.. And The Trailor for that movie was GREAT! By the way..
Ah, I finally saw Hero. It was great 👍

However, I didn't quite believe that the soldiers' war chant was actually "Hail! Hail!". Can anyone verify if this is an incorrect translation?

Other than that, it was great. The swordfighting was fantastic. And the costumes and sets were quite realistic (definitely way more realistic than the swordfighting :eek: ). A little too much "wire fu", but it was not too bad. I liked the historical theme too, as well as the plot.
mad pierrot said:
Heh, I saw it in Cantonese with English subs.

I HATE Cantonese.

:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

The worse part is, I don't even have a good reason.

Lol Cantonese's easy ^^(btw I'm from hong kong)
I like it especially for comical movies since Mandarin is more strict...
You have to have a strong affiliation or relation or connection to Chinese to truly appreciate this film (it's what my father said, who is chinese). Native viewers will appreciate it more. Knowing this film's setting's history helps too.
Hero DVD

Does anyone know if you can buy this movie on DVD in the UK yet? I was in canada recently, saw the trailer and thought it looked great! Would love to see it (in any language, so long as English subtitles!).
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