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New movie by johnny depp


14 Nov 2003
Secret Window! Is anyone going to see it!? God knows i am. That man is bad! Go pirates of the Caribbean, he did a pretty good job in "One time in mexico" but it could have been better. The first Desperado movie was the shizznit! :)
What about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? He's in that, and whats important is Tim Burton is directing it.

So maybe they'll leave in all the macabre and violent images that were in the book.
He Is An Over-looked Talent!!

He's done so many weird & different rolls. I wonder if he will get to play older-man parts; or if when his boyish good looks vanish, he will also? He should do a made for TV movie on the life of DICK CLARK & American Bandstand, he has the same baby-face!


yea i am going to watch that thriller....looks really good. Although i aint a big fan of depp cause i didnt like him the way he played that pirate in potc
Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. Talk about range. Every movie he's been in was better because he was in it.

Donnie Brosco
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Edward Scissorhands
Sleepy Hollow

Those are some pretty different roles. The boy's got talent!
This movie was.. "OK" Had some good parts in it but wasn't a BIG fan of it, Johnny Depp movies are usually cool.
True that. 😌 I wonder what he's going to make next....i think i saw something with him back in the day of europe....
Yeah, he's fine indeed.

Edward Scissorhands and What's Eating Gilbert Grape are my favorites...
I liked BLOW :) It was a druggy movie I don't like them much (they all are the same and have no real point) but it was fairly decent..
Blow is my favourite Johnny Depp film.

The new one looks pretty random. Might not see it, I don't think it will be that good. That goes the same for the remaked of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory too.. I mean the original is a classic, I don't think remaking it will do it justice!
its in production, tim burton is directing it. it will probably have more of the darker images that are contained in the book. so it should be quite differenet.
ooh!!! JOHNNY DEPP!!! yeah i've heard for the new movie... wanna watch it... but it's coming out in july here...
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