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New Method to learn Kanji and Japanese!!


4 Jun 2019
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Hi everyone!

I'm a Graphic Designer from Colombia and I'm developing new tools focused on us, the foreign students.

The way I teach Kanji is instead of wanting people to write them over and over I dissected the Kanji in their components and link them with a mnemonic phrase. I prefer people know what they are writing about, the etymology, instead of having a robotic way of thinking.

I organized ALL Kanji in Levels and Topics and gave them a Numeric Code, which makes their searching way easier. You search the code you find the Kanji, no OCR or nothing.


So, here it is, I invite you to check one of the videos I have done:

「JAP」「プラスティック・ラブ」 [ENG] [PLASTIC LOVE]


(I apologize if I can't share links, you can find me as @LuisChamat on YouTube though)

There are links on the Video description where you can find the Kanji database.

My ideal would be that Japan uses this Numeric Code for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, I'm trying to contact MEXT but it has been proven to be difficult.

I hope you like and embrace the tools I'm developing. Of course I plan to do more videos.
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