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12 Nov 2003
Never been to japan but My art work has, and some day I want to live there. Funny thing is I read about a disabled girl with cerebral palsey who left japan for sweden because she said that Japan is
so far behind when it comesto the treatment of disabled people. I hope she is wrong because I've submitted my work for the JVC video art festival not sure if I'll win or be nominated. but I don't want to go to japan
and nobody likes me for whatever reason.

She described life as a shut in. and the only time she felt she wasn't handicapped is when she moved to sweden. I find this depressing. I wrote her an email because I wanted her to confirm what she had said. personally I don't care how great sweden is. I want to go to Japan when I can. Please tell me this is total BS

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hiya craig and welcome, ive never been to japan either so i can neither confirm nor deny your suspictions but you cant base your prespective on a country because of one persons opinoin. anyway have fun on the forum.
Welcome to the forum, Craig! 🙂

From what I have heard, Japan isn't the best country to live in if you're handicapped. My husband was a member of a volunteer group over there that assisted handicapped people. He said Japan wasn't very "handicap accessible". He was very surprised to find out that handicapped people are able to attend college here as on-campus students, as a matter of fact, as well as many other things.

I'm sure other people know a lot more about this, though.
hey welcome to the forum. I wouldnt care for her opinion either cuz I still want to go to japan no matter what
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