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15 Jun 2011
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Hi everybody, I'm new, I live on the hot, humid, flat peninsula that is Florida in a suburb of Tampa. I'm 20 years old and have had a keen interest in Japan and it's culture ever since I was a little kid. Recently, I have began pursuing this interest in the form of watching anime/reading Manga, Slowly learning the language (emphasis on slowly because beyond learning hiragana and katakana I know practically nothing) and researching the modern culture. I am a college student and although I haven't decided on any specifics and am currently obligated to stay in the U.S. until at least the end of Fall semester, I do plan on going to Japan via a study abroad program. As a short term goal, I have registered with jref in an attempt to familiarize myself with fellow Japanophiles as virtually none of my friends IRL share my interest. I've never been registered with a forum before so I am new to this experience altogether, but I am friendly and want very much to learn and discuss things. Hit me up :)


The Rise of Cobra
31 Aug 2003
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Welcome to jref and good luck with your Japanese. Stay cool!
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