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26 Mar 2003
Hi everyone.
Ok a little bit about myself: I currently work as an IT administrator while attending preston University where i study Japanese and multimedia design. I enjoy drinking and going out to clubs, good food and doing things that make me laugh, Being happy is the only point in life!
Im 23 almost 24 Canadian / English
I cant think of anything else so hope to chat to some of you soon
Hi there Overfiend 🙂

Welcome to the forum.
Interesting website you've got there. I think i'll try those Hiragana en Katakana tests soon. :)
Kanji Test

Yeah there ok they will even tell you the percentage you get correct, The Kanji One is a bit buggy i need to update it because sometimes it doesnt recognise a kana reading so if you take it and you find one wrong can you let me know which one and the reading you tried to use and i will update it. Thanks
Konnichiwa Overfiend-san!

Welcome and Hajimemashite. I like drinking but I have given up. Because I am afraid of hangover.😌


Dont worry about hangovers if you start drinking again in the morning you wont get a hangover!
I don't mind the occasional hangover. They're always a good excuse to stay home.

They're also making those highly exaggerated rock n' roll lifestyle stories i tell at work, sound more credible. :D
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