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new member intro -- sorry for the move


25 Aug 2002
Hello everyone!
My husband is Japanese and I just returned to America after spending
two years in Nerima-Ku. My husband is still there and we can't talk much. I really miss hearing the Japanese language. I am still learning and would like to make some friends.
Maybe someone can help me learn more so that I can have a full
conversation with my sweet mother in law.
HI Miyagawa-san,

Welcome to the forums!

I'm sorry about moving your post. I thought that it fit better here instead of at the end of long thread. I hope you don't mind.


Moyashi ;)
Hi Miyagawa-san, welcome to the board!

Thanks Moyashi, didn't notice anything, hehe.
Hi miyagawa🙂 welcome to the forum, I do hope you feel at home here and the absence of your husband is made a little easier from the friends that you will make here🙂
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