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15 Mar 2002
I just put up a new JPop Quiz. Most of the anwers are pretty much common knowledge. Let's see how you measure up! 😏

You can find the quiz right here
Thanks, Peter! Considering my ignorance I'll rather abstain from participating. :D

Couldn't resist, lol. 4/10...
I would check that quiz to see if you have the answers inputted correctly... I may not be a J-Pop expert, but I know I did better than 0/10. There were some obviously wrong answers listed as correct... at least I think there are, unless those were a bunch of trick questions...

And if I'm just a total idiot, then I apologize...

Eek! You're right. :eek:

I totally forgot to pay attention to that. I just entered the questions and the answers, but never bothered to set the right answers. Sorry about that. I'll correct it right away.
Well I'm about to take it and no nothing about j-pop, just j-rock.. wait for it....
<takes test>

On question 3, the first 2 were j-rock questions so I might just be okay!


Okay I really didn't know some of them and just guessed, but the ones I did know, I REALLY knew.. Lets see how I did.. <checks it>

6/10... hmmm.. not bad.. I only did that well because I know Dir en Grey like the back of my hand as I do computer games - I know Kingdom Hearts (a slight Sqaure fanatic.).
i got a 9/10! high score! whee!! ::urge to dance rising:: MUST DO A HAPPY DANCE~!!!
urm... anyways... i don't know all that much about j-pop aside from utada hikaru, when i started listening to japanese music i just kind of slid past all of that stuff straight to jrock... that said i had to either think really hard or guess for most of those questions... (i sat there for a really long time thinking tommy was a boy...) and i don't know a whole lot about X-Japan (yes, i realize how incredibly sad and pathetic that is...) but Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, and L'Arc~en~Ciel i LOVE! ::arghh:: I'll stop wasting space now... It was a fun quiz! I liked it a lot!
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