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New Japan program "Zushi TV"


3 Feb 2003

There is a new program called ZushiTV tonight at 10pm on challenge on SKY.It will be on every monday at 10pm.
I am going to see it.


What is it about? Do you mean Sky TV in Europe, or Sky PerfecTV in Japan? I couldn't find it on Sky PerfecTV so I guess you mean Europe?

Haha! Its crap and kouzo!
Its only on English Sky and its the 'cheap foreigner TV clip shows' format the japanese love, but instead the treatment is reversed. We have Takeshi's Castle on the same channel but its severly edited and has got a not-very-funny english comedian talking on top, so its not very funny. do the Japanese watch 'Noles Hole Party'? but Nole Edmons aint as talented Mr Takeshi.

"Shipped in from a Pig farm in Southern Japan"

Those cheap shows worry me we have them in England but not many, every Jap chanel show those cheap shows consisting of Argentinian adverts with sexual humour and German naked men, but the japs have a load of celebraties in the studio making coments or looking shocked at the Indonesian on TV setting fire to this legs, you understand. My GF sisters were like 'wow this is funny' and like 'wow that must be my favourite cheap forginer advert' because the trash on those shows get repeated enough! Oh no!
Shock Video, on E4 is a lot better. They always show the naked sleazy clips of Japanese TV.
Adam and Joe (who recently did Adam and Joe Go Tokyou) narrate all the it too. Its obvious the show is just an american francise and Adam and Joe just make loads of jokes and take the piss as muchas they can, they dont even talk about whats on the show sometimes. very good fun.
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