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~New Japan Freak Here!~


9 Dec 2003
:) Hey all! :)
My name's Alex or "Arekkusu" in Japanese.
It's nice to be new in a neat place like this.
I'm 17 and I been drawing for years and plan to go for my art major and go for Animation.
Hopefully my second year of RCC(A community college here) I will be in there international education programs and go study in tokyo.👏
But, yeah anything Japan-ish I love from anime to online and offline video games and even music(I'm lissining to Japan-a-Radio now!)
So if you would like to talk some more my AIM SN is in my bio and i'm always free here and what not.
So it's nice to meet you all and be part of this fourm!😄
Hey there, Alex! 🙂

Welcome aboard! Where are you from? There is an RCC near where I grew up...
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