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Dog Youkai
15 Jan 2004
Hey, I just joined today, I love Japan, nothing else I can say it is fantastic and intrigues me. The history, culture, anime, just everything and not to mention it is the best looking city of all! hope to live there soon (I joined the navy so I could be stationed there one day). :D
The navy, eh? I hope you get to see Japan as well, and welcome to the forum.
Awsome! I know a person thats been to Japan because of joining the navy. Currently in Germany really.. Welcome to the forum Playaa!
Thanks, I did join for travel possibilities but also for education, and to serve my country while doing both. Hopefully after I get out of boot camp I leave in June, I will be stationed in Florida for 6 months, and Then I get to choose where I want to be stationed whether it be Europe, Japan, or even the U.S., I get to pick. I really want to live in Tokyo but The only Naval base I know of is in Osaka I believe..
hiya playaa and welcome, good luck with your travels and education. anyway have fun on the forum.
Sounds familier...

Took Navy boot camp at Great Lakes and then to Florida for 6 monthes of school(Communication's Tech.) Then to Fukuoka for 2 years of spying on the Russians(ELINT). The 2 major Navy bases now I believe are Sasabo & Yakouska. What rating are you going for Playaa???



I think that's called a WELCOME ! As mom always said, if you don't have anything to say, BE POLITE and say HI !!!


😌 :sorry: :sorry: :sorry:
Sorry everybody. Jeisan, Frank. Sorry about that guys. 😌 won't happen again!
Frank, I am currently at E-3 (Air man) I go to boot camp in Great Lakes June 1st and will go to school in Pennsecola, FL for AO (Aircraft Ordinancemen) and then I will be going through Air Crew school, then SEALS training. Hoping to be E-4 by the time I finish AO school.
What ever you do......

don't let em talk you into signing up for more time in !!!
I know it's early in your career, but as you progress they will offer you all kinds of enticements to extend your time. The first 3 years seem pretty good but everyone I know wanted out by the 4th year. I always tell people to wait till you're about 6 monthes from getting out, then decide about more time in.
My hunting buddy just went for the same rating, only in the air force. He ended up on an A10 Worthog squad and loved it. Once he'd been in a couple years they kept offering him money or great duty assignments to sign up for more time. He would get mad at me for talking him out of it. Now he's out, he's glad he listened !!
The other big thing is not to flunk out of the school. They'll make you a bosun's mate chipping paint on some skow. Boot comp will seem like pure hell, but it will zoom by. Getting set back is the big nightmare. To sign up for a gym and get in great shape before bootcamp would save you a ton of grief. At least you chose the best branch to join !!

Good luck-- Frank

Been going to the gym since November, I do a workout schedule weekly, including 1 mile 4 times a week, and arms 1 day legs, etc... I also have been swimming a good bit. I can run a mile in 5:32, Thanks for track in school... I won state 4 years in a row.
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