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Baka Gaijin
10 Nov 2003
Kon ban wa,

Hi, just recently found this forum so I hope to be able to spend some time on here.

I've just recently started to learn Japanese (only spoken for now) using the Pimsleur Japanese series (anyone else use it).

I love Japanese horror and sci-fi films, the odd j-pop and I think Japanese ladies are IMO the most beautiful in the world 😌

I apologise in advance for all the simple question I'll be asking about the language😊

Anyway its almost midnight in the UK so siyonara
hiya thereisnospoon and welcome, how is pimsleur working out for you? i was thinking of getting one of those courses but would like a real opinion.
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Hiya Neo-san!
oh gomen! alias thereisnospoon...:cautious:
Don't worry! I won't tell anyone.

Welcome to the board nyo!
What is that system your using? I'm interested since I'm trying to learn Japanese too. I need a sensei!
By the way~~>name's G-chan! ;)
Hope to see ya on the boards...
Bye Bye!
Thanks for the kind welcome.

I've only completed the first 4 lessons on the Pimsleur but IMO I think it is a very easy system to learn by. Trouble is I'm a bit too shy to practice lol, I work for a Metro system so we get many japanese tourists so I should pluck up the courage and practice, just hope I don't make a fool of myself.
well im sure the japanese would be understanding if you practice on them abit. alternativly theres a couple language exchange sites you can sign up to that have voice chat so you can practice with someone who wants to learn english. language exchange and phrasebase are two of them.
one of the things i was liking about the pimsleur is that it doesnt teach you to read. which i think can be easily figured out on you own provided you are learning a language with a roman alphabet. i have a problem with that in german, while i can read and speak it fairly well, i dont understand what im reading/saying. odd i suppose, but thats where reading got me.
yoroshiku to hajimemashite.
fuooramu wo tanoshiminasai

Welcome and nice to meet you.
Enjoy the forum.

I have to say that I love your nic. That movie rocks.
Hey welcome! I'm learning japanese the old way through cds and a book. Havnt had time to study it though. Anyways wish ya luck
HI there Neo, great to see another Brit on the forums =D im determend that we will have as many Brits as americans on the forum some day !!

where you get the Pimsleur Japanese series
Arch: You can get them online, just do a search for Pimsleur but they are arount $300. I was lucky to get mine of Ebay for ツ」12
hey thereisnospoon! definitely a cool nic!

welcome to the forum. and good luck with the nihongo - ive quite recently started. im using a series of books called Teach Yourself.

- jon
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