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5 Aug 2003
Hi everyone! This forum is incredible I've been looking for a forum like it for weeks, so I'm glad I've found it. A little about myself:

My name is Joey I'm 16 and a high school student in America, I've studied Japanese in school for three years and going into my fourth year of it when school starts again in a month or so. This april I went to Japan for the first time. I stayed there for a week with about 15 classmates and 5 teachers from my school. It was awesome, some of the best days of my life.

I could go on talking forever about the trip but I'll just summarize it; we landed in kansai airport in Osaka and took a train to Kyoto, spent two days in a ryoukan (japanese style hotel) and then two days in a western style hotel. Then we took a bus to Hiroshima and went to a city in the countryside called Tojo where my Japanese teacher's parents live. We stayed in cabins around there for the last three days. We had so much fun in Japan and everybody was so nice I can't wait to go back. I have a lot of pictures from the trip I can put up if anybody cares to see em.
Welcome aboard and thanks for your kind words! 🙂

If you wish you could upload your pics to our gallery (however, make sure they are not too large in size)
Welcome, welcome~

I wish I could visit Japan right now, but my own trip isn't scheduled for a few years yet.
i wish that i could visit japan to, but i cant afford the trip, it's on the other side of the globe after all...
and i also wish that i could learn japanese here, but i can't there are no japanese classes in the school that i go to.
wish there were, I almost think that there ain't a singel person on the whole island that speaks japanese.
Thanks everyone, I posted a few pics into the gallery but they haven't shown up yet I think they have to be approved by somebody first?

Picardo I'm sure you can find some good websites about learning Japanese. I've learned most of what I know in school but I'm out for summer vacation now and I've been studying a lot on my own mostly from websites. This forum probably has some great links you should check... I'm not sure how much you know already but here's a pretty good link that I found if you're very new to the language:
Nihongo o Narau - Learn Japanese
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