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30 Jul 2002
Hajimemashite, Doozo Yorushiku.

Watashi no Namae-wa Rick Desu. Watashi wa Kanadajin desu.

Hello, Pleased to meet you guys in this forum.

A little about me, I am a father of 2 girls, a swimmer(hence the fish avatar).

Learning Japanese as a hobby and to learn more about my family, (i am half Japanese)and I hope to make it over to japan one of these days.
Doomo arigatoo for the warm greetings....

I look forward to contributing to this forum.
Yes, I am going to go, I have gone to the ex almost every year. Except when I was away lining in the States, but even then, if I was up in toronto for vacation, I went to the Ex.

It is a Toronto tradition.

From the sounds of it, you have been????
I grew up south of the falls. I've been to the 10+ times. My mother used to work in Toronto, we'd stay at her friends. It was like a tradition for us too. Save coins every year just to go :)

I miss it a lot.
I'm also a newbie on this board.
I registered while ago but I hadn't had a chance to post.
My name is daigo from Japan,
studying music/conducting at some university in the states.
I also make some money under the table(sorry guys, I am like a bum so I have to do this)spinning records at clubs and raves and performing live act with a couple of band members...
Anyway douzo yoroshiku.
yoroshiku daigo :)

hehehe, many of my friends back in the States, worked the sushi bar scene.
I'm glad that you found something much more interesting!!
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