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22 Jul 2002
Hey everybody,

I'm from the Los Angeles area and am a graphic designer by trade. Made my way by this site and thought I would hang out a bit and see what was up. I have been to Japan twice, and studies a bit of Japanese a number of years ago but have lost almost all of it due to inactivity. I guess those are the basics, anything else you want to know, just ask!

Welcome to the forum Nebosuke.

Which 3D-software did you use to render your avatar? :p

Seriously, do you have any online examples of your designs?

haha, good one Twisted. That's a character from one of my favorite shows. For some examples of my work, you can check the site of my former employer, element18. I still do some work for them now, but on a contract basis. Not all of the work on the site is mine, it was a 4 person team, but I took my personal site down a couple of months ago and haven't finished the new one yet.

Thanks for the welcome deborah gormley!
yoroshiku Nebosuke,

Nice site there, I guess we'll have to wait to see your site though.

Nebosuke = sleepy head ???

Also, where in LA?

I lived in Oxnard for a bit and my Father is currently living in TO.

Yeah, pretty much sleepy head, or as my girlfriend says 'late sleeper.' I live in the San Fernando Valley, about a 35 minute drive from Oxnard and about half of that to TO.
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