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17 Jul 2002
Dear members,

Due a database bug, we have had no choice but to start over a new gallery from scratch. Your pictures are saved but we can't upload them automatically. We will try to re-upload the best ones one by one, but that will take time. If you can re-upload them yourself, that would be much easier.

New regulation

We have reorganised the categories, so as not to avoid as confusions as much as possible. Note the new "ukiyoe" (woodblock painting) section.

We won't continue the member gallery as users can now upload their private picture into their forum profile (one is sufficient, up to you to change it from time to time). There were too many completely pictures unrelated to Japan. if you want to share your photo album, create a homepage or a Yahoo Album and link it via your signature (for instance).

We will also be stricter on the selection. Pictures should be reasonably nice and good quality, and Japan-related. Moderators and Advisor, please take good note for the approval.

One more thing. Posted pictures also count for the forum's total post, but comments don't (usually too short).


PS : Sorry to Mieboy, whose pictures I already deleted before having time to post this message.
Thanks for the work guys. I really like the ukiyoe shots Maciamo.

Too bad about the photos, but it is kind of nice to start with a clean slate.
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