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new form of ニ樽ニ槌槌停?ケツ、ニ短ニ停?愴耽ツーニ狸ニ辰

2 Jan 2004

ok this is new out of Japan~ don't know if you know about ニ樽ニ槌槌停?ケ(Gyaru)or what not... but there is a new trend for ツ渋窶價(shibuya)

Guys dressing up likeニ狸ニ停?愴丹ニ陳?ganguro) but being a... well guy hehe

anyways, they are way weird.. Just watched a program about it and searched the internet for pictures, but couldn't find any, so I decided to take a picture off my tv to share with y'all~


Ganguro reminds me too much of blackface. I can't get into it at all.

Anyway, what are these ganguro thought off in Japan? Here, I would find it strange if someone walked around like that. Do they get harrassed, or is this as viable a trend as blue jeans?
hmm... acording to the news that did this story... some fellow Gyaru's don't like what they are...

and some do...

but most people that they talked to said that they didn't like that style... and thought it was weird...

the reason for the name is because of the store that they went to to buy the clothes and such for the "look"
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