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New EverQuest Title and soon FFXI on PS2!


14 Nov 2003
Just started playing this game with two of my friends [not online..yet!] and let me tell you this thing is addictive!I''ma a DarkElfShadowNight[male] just wanted to know if anyone else plays this game?? 😌 Plus isn't the bundle for FFXI come out next month like the 7th!?!?!?!? :pdancing:

IM GOING ONLINE!!!! Now all i have to wait on is RE online!
EscaFlowne said:
Hey dose anyone play everquest????????

I do!!! Although I'm thinking of giving Everquest the boot in favor of FFXI or World of Warcraft (whenever that comes out).
I'm going to have to mulit task the two cuz i know i'm going to love both! Man When ffxi comes out in like a week or so.............. :p i just can't wait!
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