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15 Apr 2002
I just came across a new manga called "Raijin"

It's like a Japanese version with various stories, right to left page turning, and kanji galore for visual affects.

The stories are in English.
Hokuto no Ken Fist fo Northstar
Bomber Girl
Grappler Baki

to name a few.

It's 300 yen.

I got it from a teacher at school. Probably a freebie to pick up sales. Sorry to say that I don't know if they sell at bookstores. But I wouldn't doubt that Knokuniya will carry it.


No :(

Even if I did it'd be much cheaper to just send it to you.
It's like a Japanese manga with lot's of pages compared to a US marvel version.

The manga also goes into teaching some Japanese that's used in the frames for adding sound.

Not Bad at all.
Hairyneville, font of all knowledge, to the rescue.

Raijin is published weekly in the US by Gutsoon and retails for about US$5.95 per issue. It should be available through most European and South American comic shops who use Diamond Distributors to get hold of stock. I buy all my stuff from the lovely Mister Biff (aka Martin Averre) at ACE Comics in Colchester, Essex. He does an advance order service where you are supplied with Diamond's Previews catalogue and order comics and other stuff two months in advance. It can be a bit of a risk, ordering blind, because by the time you get the first issue of a series you've already ordered up to issue 3 or 4. I seem to have immaculate taste (if I may say so myself. . .) and have only ordered a few duffers. Raijin is more of a risk, as it's weekly - four issues solicited in each Previews catalogue. Gutsoon also publish a small 16-page magazine about Japanese pop culture. It was going to be called Fujin Magazine, but now it's called Raijin Culture Magazine or something.

Mister Biff supplies internationally, so if it's okay I'd like to post a link to his website. Being a commercial site and all, I don't want to post without permission. Every advance order has a 10% discount on retail price - spend over ツ」100 and an extra 5% discount is chopped off your order total.

I must admit, comics freak that I am, every one of my monthly orders is over ツ」100. . . Biff loves Hairyneville . . . in a purely capitalist way, of course.
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