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Frankly, i am currently studying in Uni.

Play games, do you play KOF?

But the paramount stuff to do is surfing Internet.

Konnichiwa SINOARTHUR-san!
Welcome and Hajimemashite. Yoroshiku ne🙂
I like SNK's games, but I don't have played KOF.:p
'Thank you' is 'Arigatou' in Japanese.

Yes, I play and enjoy King of Fighters. Currently, I play King of Fighters 2001 for my Dreamcast from time to time.

I usually play as Kim in any KoF (and Capcom Vs SNK 2), since I have a fondness for Tae Kwon Do (which I studied for a number of years in my early teenage years), and enjoy his foot-based manuevers. Other favorites include Blue Mary, Leona, Mai, and Terry. I like most of the others as well, though.

The KoF games have a unique control and graphical style.. if only they'd evolve the games a bit more and do something a bit different with them...
Welcome to the boards, Arthur.

Last KOF game I played was 99 briefly. The fighter I usually use in any of those games of CvS games is Yuri or Terry.
i don't play King of Fighters, but i wanted to do the welcoming thingy all the same!
so... hi! and a big welcome to you!
hiya sinoarthur, australia's a great place i went to melbourne last year and had a blast, too bad i couldnt stay...
for fighting games i usually play either DOA or Soul Calibur. hell soul calibur is the only reason i bought a dreamcast, and i await the release of number 2 in august. well seeya around, and welcome to the board.
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