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New Breed Taxi Drivers


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14 Mar 2002
Captain Japan's latest column:

New Breed Taxi Drivers Emerge in Japan

Few will doubt that the Captain is one of the hardest working newsmen around. Waiting for a story to come to him is not his style; rather, he's out pounding the pavement, getting the facts, and putting faces on people - in essence, giving his readers a voice they can rely on even in the most difficult of times.

Japan's new breed of taxi driver is like-minded. Deregulation has changed the market, allowing for competition. As a result, a new go-getter mentality has emerged in this conservative industry. Join the Captain this week as he rides shotgun with this new breed of taxi driver.

=> Sake-Drenched Postcards - New Breed Taxi Drivers Emerge in Japan

that is good. it gives the drivers a chance to earn more or less depending on there motivation. more jobs should be like that.
If this article alone doesn't quite make sense it might be because a lot of the background info is in the one previous. That can be found here:

Sake-Drenched Postcards - Old Guard Taxi Industry Finds Tough Times in Japan

The host-turned-driver featured in the second one is a really nice guy. I put his phone number at the bottom of the page, so if you need a ride in Tokyo, give him a call. He can speak English a little bit as well.

I've got some links at the bottom of my info page:

Sake Drenched Postcards - Sake Headquarters

Do you guys have a logo for Japan Forum which I can add?

Originally posted by Captain Japan
Do you guys have a logo for Japan Forum which I can add?

Hi Captain, very kind of you. Just give me a few days, as the forum's design and layout will soon be changed.
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