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17 Jul 2002
I've just uploaded a few hundreds new avatars and organised them in categories. What do you think of them ? The old ones are mostly in Standard and Traditional.
Neat, Maciamo! I see that the one I had before the one I have now is in there. I really like that one. Lots of avatars for those who like anime and video games. Nice job!

I'll keep my eye for now, though... :p
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Hey!!!! jeisan!! what has happened to the old forum! i just found this. i've been searching everyday and it keeps saying that its under maintenace or something...i'm glad i found someone froom the forum. hey all!
this is the old forum, we rebuilt it, we had the technology, we made it better, stronger and faster.
actually I didnt do anything thomas and maciamo did it all. i just sat idly by twidling my thumbs.
Hehehe...jeisan, Frank, and I were in sad shape... :D We went forum-hopping together trying to keep each other sane...
I know what you mean. Remember when that girl came to the forum talking about greyfairy. I ended up there....fairies...pink...and what not. became a moderator over the rpg section...can't complain but i missed this place. and you guys!
they missed me!!!!
[Begins danceing in work chair....]

wooooooooooohoooooooo!!! So whose missing from the sight? I don't see himura...who else...shigatsu!...who else...Have you guys seen Iron chef?
Special avatars available from certain ranks

I have uploaded more "Naruto" avatars as this manga/anime seems quite popular at the moment.

Please note that some "samurai avatars" are only available from the rank of samurai (100 posts) in the "traditional" section. A few other avatars are available from each rank upward. :)
I just checked them out and I soooooooooo love them. I am so happy that there is a final fantasy section. These are awesome thanks a bunch. I wonder if you are gonna upload more. Great variety.
Me likey alot!
Though i wouldn't mind seeing more escaflowne avas now i love that van one where he is in the guymelef! thats one of my fav!
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