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In future this will be a good place to post any screenshots of animes. Everybody is cordially invited to post screenshots of current anime screening in Japan and feel free to give your comments.🙂
Oh, it is also known as Daphne in the Brilliant Blue. It is one of the anime that is worth watching in this new season. More screen shots.
If you look at my website (click on the picture below), I have a ton of screenshots on Super GALS! (largest on the web, so legend says), Chrno Crusade, and Ultra Maniac.
Originally posted by Eternal Wind
i like mezzo:):):) especially the H ova

Sorry my friend, I think Mezzo is not a H ova. Maybe the characters in the anime are a but sexy to you.
Hey, there is a hentai ova for mezzo and u should go find it,the drawings,action,shooting and grapic are much more better than the series!
Green Green Character DVD. I believe these pictures will catch a lot of people's attention, especially those who are interested in this kind of "GOOD STUFF"
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@MShingen, there are kids here too. Please leave out pics with nudity, thanks.
the pic is posted below but with new, snazzy black bars for the ladies :p

I know it, seeing i have the series myself, its known as...

GREEN GREEN download now now now its hilarious and contains LOTS of hilarious scenes. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. Herse some info

2 lovers a long time ago were in love, it wars forbidden, they promised to love each other in another life...

Yuusuke, Tenjin, and Bacchi-gu (my fav) the last two, tenjin and bacchi-gu are always trying to peep at some girls that come to their ALL MALE school which would be torture and some girls come and thats when they're peeping begins, also the hilarity! oh yeah umm Kaname-chan thinks that Yuusuke is her long lost love but Yuusuke has no recollection of this whatsoever, is Yuusuke the long lost lof OoOoOoOo watch this VERY VERY Ecchi anime to find out

Episodes : 1-13 + OVA
Length : 22-25 Minutes.

Note : if your looking for over exaggerated breast-jiggling and teasing, this the anime, if you wanna just see umm

A-SO-KO watch hentai

(Asoko means umm forbidden part of a woman or something...) some what to the "cat" you know? ;)
yeah its green green, read mshingens post above mine.
i edited the pic out of that post, censored it and reposted.
Originally posted by jeisan
mshingen, there are kids here too. please leave out pics with nudity, thanks.
the pic is posted below but with new, snazzy black bars for the ladies :p

Okay, sorry. I will heed your advice.... Hope it doesn't offend anybody.
Originally posted by MShingen
Okay, sorry. I will heed your advice.... Hope it dosen't offend anybody.

no worries, just the board is supposed to be family friendly. i actually like the thought of this thread, its made me wanna see a couple of these animes.
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