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New anime/manga quiz

Erm... I hereby resign my moderator privileges for the Anime and Manga forum... lol :D
damn thats a pretty good quiz. though i'm sad to say that i only got a 2 out of 10 😲. like half the ones i got wrong were my second or first guess and now i fell like a dumb ***. oh well, i guess that means i have to watch more anime and read more manga
Wow... that is a good quiz... I was lucky to get 6 since i guessed at several questions...

I always thought that the first Studio Ghibli film was ____, opps~
I took it myself and managed to screw up the last Q... Oh and Shadow, the question does say "officially", though your first guess was most likely right as the movie that behind the studio's foundation...

Thank you to Thomas for coding the test. Although I was under the impression that the quiz was fairly general, it looks like I may have been mistaken...
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