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Ayumi Hamasaki, Speed, and Utada Hikaru all have great albums....

And BOA.... not sure if they are Korean or Jap band, but I still like their songs.
You might wanna try [i[When pop hits the fan[/i] from Suite Chic. It's probably the best R&B album on the market at the moment. It's a collective of many famous Japanese producers and rappers, with most vocals done by Namie Amuro.

The latest Buck Tick album Mona Lisa Overdrive is one of their best in years.

Every Little Thing has another album out, titled Many Pieces. It's actually more of the same, but it's still very good to listen to.

The new Kumi Koda album Grow into one is a great pop-album, containing the main theme for the Final Fantasy X-2 videogame.

Hell, i could go on for ages here.
Check my website for more recommendations. That's what it's for. :)
Not sure if this is your thing, but on my way back from Japan this time I bought the new Yuki, Chara and Sheena Ringo albums... all absolutely great.

Sheena's bonkers! 👏
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