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New かわいい video: this time I drew an アニメ girl!


Jul 7, 2014
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こんにちは! if you don't know me already, i'm emi nakamura, but you can just call me emi-chan for short! i want to share with you all a video i made of my anime drawing skills! i want to be a 漫画家 (mangaka, or manga artist) in japan when i grow up!! please tell me what you think, i need as much feedback as i can~!! またね~!
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Mike Cash

Mar 15, 2002
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a new かわいい video: this time i drew an アニメ girl!!!1

Please don't triple post.

I hope you feel better soon. Was that really your first time ever to draw a picture like that?

Is all the information in your profile accurate? I don't get the impression your nationality and mother tongue are "Japanese".

Practical advice:

If you wish to come live and work in Japan you will need to establish visa eligibility. In most cases, that means finishing university.

Be prepared to come here as something else first and while here try to find a way into the field you wish to work in; the chances of your being directly hired and sponsored right off the bat as a young unknown foreign artist are pretty much zero.

You will need to study Japanese in a serious manner (not just random vocabulary picked up from cartoons and comic books).

Your competition is a nation full of high school girls who are already here, have full command of the language and familiarity with the culture, and have notebooks and notebooks full of doodles done with more skill than you exhibit at the moment. You have to bring something to the table that they can't. Figure out what that something is going to be and polish the hell out of it.

Art done on a professional level is a serious business. If you aspire to it, take as many art classes and seminars as you can (not just anime/manga). Consider majoring in commercial art in university, where you can learn not only the marketable skills but the nature of the art industry from skilled and knowledgable professionals.

Don't let the negative comments on your channel get you down.
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