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Netmeeting for XP in English not Japanese.


13 Jan 2003
Now that I live in Japan and have a Japanese computer running windows XP and so I thus have a Japanese
netmeeting installed on my computer, I really need to find how I can download an English netmeeting
for my PC ASAP. But when I try and search for a netmeeting to download there is nothing for Windows XP because they say It's already on my computer but it's in Japanes I need an English one
Can anyone help?
Well, there are two solutions:
1) import Microsoft Office XP (English Version), which comes with NetMeeting in English
2)This one is totally free, but requires considerable computer skills: Install Linux (it's an operatin system) with the Gnome Desktop System plus GTK libraries and then install GnomeMeeting, which work with the Netmeeting network.
You can download it here: Gnomemeeting.org - Gnome Meeting
REMEMBER that you have to install Linux first.
Anyway, Linux is totally free and Gnome + GTK come bundled. However, it's a bit tricky to install it and I'd not recommend it to layman.

If you're still in doubt, search for software compliant with H.323. I don't if they exist (besides the ones I've mentioned above), but they could be an alternative to Netmeeting
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