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11 Oct 2003
i wrote a sad story......i would like it if you read it. Any comments??

Quiet, Peaceful Disease

"I live by a road, a busy one. Cars pass by, waking me up from a fairy tale i wish was real. A dream. Dreams can be sad. Dreams can be happy. Dreams can make you scream in anger, also scream in pain. These dreams of anger and pain are called nightmares. I've had too many. Nightmares are what give me ideas." I looked away from the young red-headed female sitting in front of me. Her red hair ended right below her shoulders. She had blue eyes, very beautiful. When i looked into them, It would make me want to be happy. I always looked away.

"What kind of ideas? Good? Bad?" She reached for my hand. I pulled it away. She frowned makeing her eyes go down also. I wanted to steal her eyes. I didn't want to look at them anymore. I quickly stood up and glared at her. Her eyes turned glass-like, I could see my reflection in them. Her eyebrows where in an upside-down V shape. I tried to talk, but the pain in my throat grew. I grabbed my throat, It was hot. I coughed and i wouldnt stop. I felt a warm liquid on my bottom lip. Some dripped on the cold metal table I was leaning over. It was red, dark red. I grabbed my lip and pulled my hand away. More blood. Coughed again. Fell to the floor. My eyes were closed. I saw red. When i sat up, the red-headed counselor was there at my bedside.

"Are you alright, Emi?" I didn't like what Emi meant. Blessed with beauty is not me. Emi is japanese. My Parents are Japanese but I'm American. I thought i was adopted, but i wasn't. My mom calls me a miracle child. Thoses are the only english words she knows. My parents don't know english, but somehow I do. The couselor was still waiting for my answer, but i sat there looking at her. She got up and walked away. A doctor came in and check on me. She gave me a pill, its was green and yellow. I didn't trust her so i threw it at her and went to sleep.

"Emi? Are you awake?" A so-called friend of mine was sitting in the place the counselor was. I kept imagining her there and not Akio. His name meant bright boy. He wasnt bright, he was stupid. I sat up and fixed my hair. Akio was Japanese. He was fond of me, I didn't feel the same way. I've never liked anyone, I was always lonely. He actually noticed me, so i payed attention to him. He looked at me funny.

"Yeah, I'm fine Akio. Why are you here? Aren't you afraid of me?" He grabbed my hand. That was the first time someone else had touched me.

"Why would i be afraid of you?" He reached for my face and i backed away. I blushed and tried to hide my face. He was shaking, his eyes where green and glittery. He was also blushing. I felt so clam with him. He sat on the bed and I backed away more. He scooted closer and then grabbed my face.

"Please, dont hurt yourself anymore. I...." The doctor came in. He left and the doctor told me to get some rest. I couldnt sleep. I kept wondering what Akio was going to say. I sat up and looked around the dark room. I got up and walked to the door. I peeked my head out into the dark corridor and walked to the front door. I was in a hospital dress but i didnt care. I wanted to see Akio. I fell to the floor. I was weak from no food or water. I weakly opened the door and crawled out. Akio was outside on the sidewalk and he looked towards me.

"EMI!!!," He rushed to me. "Are you ok?" I tried to speak but no words came out,i felt the words slip from my lips. My face was pale and it took alot of energy to reach up and grab his face. I pulled him closer to me and whispered help me in his left pierced ear. His arms were around me and I felt his warm tears on my cold face.

"A....a..aki..AKIO!!!" I sat up and felt my forehead. Sitting at my side was Akio. He smiled at me and asked how I was. I answered so quiet i coldnt even hear myself. He shrugged and looked out the window. I saw he was crying.

"Emi, the doctor said you have..." He grabbed a flower out of the vase next to my bed and squashed it. I wondered what he was going to say. Im 14 nothing bad could happen.

"Whats wrong Akio?" I coughed a couple times, then he sat next to me.

"The doctor said you have," He hugged me and i felt his tears fall on my arm, "Cancer...." I almost died. I imagined a life without Akio, not seeing him everyday, not hearing his lovely deep voice.

"Akio, I love you. I've never loved anyone. Now I do." Akio cried more. I wiped away his tears and kissed him. He held me close. I felt weaker and I couldn't keep my eyes open. I fell backwords and the last thing i heard was.....

"EMI!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! don't go..." I felt his face on my stomach as a quietly drifted off into my eternal slumber.

(sorry its long)
great, demo... is that the ending? ---> just asking... ^^;
eto... eto... it's a nice story!
yeah its the endcuz it was like Emi was telling the story and it ends when her life ends
yeah its the end cuz it was like Emi was telling the story and it ends when her life ends.

i loved your story. Very sad though but, good. I hope you thinking to become a novel writer. You will be very good writer.


Originally posted by cathy

i loved your story. Very sad though but, good. I hope you thinking to become a novel writer. You will be very good writer.



thanks Cathy-san!! 😊
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